nSight Medical

  • Signing Documents
    This feature allows users to gain access to their Desktop Documents, as well as gaining access to other’s Document (depending on permissions set in the security) to quickly be able to review and sign their Documents. You can sign off one at a time, or even sign them off in a batch. With a truly integrated application into Centricity’s system, you can literally go through and sign all your documents in minutes, or even seconds! We have built nSight Medical to work quickly, unlike CPS itself, we understand your time is important, and why waste it waiting for items to load, one at a time… In addition to signing Documents, you can set settings to allow them to sign any attached Orders during the signing process as well.

  • Routing Documents
    In addition to signing documents, you are also about to route them, one at a time or in batches… Or even Sign and Route! Saving you time from doing the true on at a time, long load times that CPS currently runs.

  • Removal Documents
    Have signed documents already on your desktop, and you just want to have them not show up anymore, you can quickly remove all documents one at a time or in a batch. With the ability to filter out columns, you can see all already Signed documents and batch Remove them from your Desktop Documents.

  • Global Filtering
    Don’t want your users to use this application on certain document types, reasons or status? In the administration section, you can set which ones you do not want them to use this application on, and you are done!

  • View with Default Viewer
    Have you ever needed to copy all the content from one of your documents to word or notepad? Using this button will automatically open your content you are viewing into your default application set for Rich Text Formatting (RTF).

  • Attachments
    When reviewing documents, you can also see their attachments. If you have multiple attachments for one document, you can see those as well, and with the new side by side option, you can even compare 2 right next to each other.

  • Speed Up Centricity CPS
    Did you know that the more documents users have on their desktop, the slower Centricity will run for them, and overall the group. Each time you open CPS, and go into the Chart module, queries are hitting your database like crazy, the more data it has to pull, the slower the application will run. Using nSight Medical to quickly sign your documents off, can help improve Centricity CPS’s performance for that user and the group overall.

  • Restore/Unsign Documents
    Have you ever signed a document off by mistake? With CPS, all you can do if File it in Error and create a new document. If you use nSight Medical, and you accidentally signed a document off by mistake, or if you need to use CPS to make modifications to an already signed document, you have the ability to Restore/Unsign your document if Signed with nSight Medical. It will then be restored as if it was never signed off, allowing you to use Centricity to make the necessary changes as needed.

  • File In Error Documents
    Just like signing, removing and routing documents, you can also File In Error documents in a flash. One at a time or even be able to batch File In Error Documents.

  • Unlock Charts
    Have you ever seen a message saying someone is already in a document you need to get into, and you cannot make any changes to it. Quickly Unlock those documents with a click of a button!!!

  • Log Users Off
    To many users on at once? Maximum concurrent users reached… that is the thing of the past!!! You can now make CPS think they are not logged on! Even though they are, you can have how many users on at once, as you want!!! 

Never Redo an Encounter Again

Signed your documents off by mistake? Now you have to redo everything so that you can complete the encounter. Well, save time and stress... By signing your documents with nSight Medical (DocViewer Edition), any document can be unsigned and restored so that you do not have to redo anything!