Referral Dashboard

The fastest and most efficient way to create and manage your Centricity Referrals. Tired of the long process CPS makes you go through to create your Referrals? Then to only be limited to how you can manage it? Well, we've come up with a solution that improves the process and documents everything in the chart. Using the latest HTML5 and Java technology, we have created the new Referral Dashboard.  

  • A Whole New Way to Track Referrals
    A better way to track your Centricity Referrals. No more accidentally signed Orders and having to redo the Referral. And no more running around looking for every single file that is related to your referrals. You now have a much more efficient and organized way to managing and creating Referrals.

  • Provider Signature
    Embed digital signature in the generated Referrals.

  • Performance Monitor
    A custom report that allows you to monitor productivity of your Referral staff.

  • Demo 
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Why the Referral Dashboard?

Centricity’s Referrals System
The built in Referral System in Centricity has been around for some time now, and has not evolved to meet the needs of their clients. There are a lot of flaws and limitations on what can actually be done using the Referral System in Centricity. Here are issues that have been highly noted:

  1. Unable to Track and Monitor
    Centricity does not have a tracking or monitoring mechanism in place to be able to track and monitor the Referrals generated. This would have to either be manually done by hand or a flag/document created and sent to whomever is assigned to make sure the Referral is completed.

  2. Duplicate Work Due to Signed Off Order
    If a provider or someone else signs an order off in Centricity, no changes can be made, because of this, a new Referral has to be generated to allow any changes to be made and documented.

  3. Supporting Document for Referrals
    To find supporting documentation for a Referral in Centricity is a headache already. You have to look in the documents tab, and try to identify what is what and is it part of the Referral. What Phone Notes go to which referral and so forth. Because of the long processes, valuable time is being wasted.

  4. Who’s done what?
    There is no way in Centricity’s Referral system to monitor who has done what to the Referral. Because of this, you lose true auditing trail to help support any issues that may arise.

  5. Print and Fax
    Centricity Referral system will not allow you to send all supporting documents to the Refer to facility together, you will currently need to either send one document at a time or print and fax the supporting documentation. Costing your facility, time, money and supplies.

  6. Where’s the Results?
    Centricity lacks the ability to link the results for your Referrals to the Order. Because of this, the audit trail falls short.   

Referral Dashboard
With some of the flaws listed above, the everyday use of the Centricity Referral system requires more work, time and money being spent causing slower response times, and lack of verification Referrals are actually being completed in a timely manner. This is where the Referral Dashboard will help resolve all of these issues and more!

  1. Track and Monitor
    The Referral Dashboard is a team software that allows tracking of Referrals generated, imported by your Referral team or individual and is displayed in an easy to find location, allowing them to see everything about the referral without actually having to be in the patients chart. From when the referral was created, when an appointment was added, current status of the referral, expired referrals and more.
  2. No More Duplicate Work Due to Signed Off Order
    Because the Referral Dashboard allows users to import Referral Orders from Centricity, and because all the management of the referral is being done in the Referral Dashboard, accidently signed the order off is the thing of the past. Even if a referral is signed off in Centricity, the built-in bi-directional interface will still update the referral as needed when managing the information in the Referral Dashboard.

  3. Supporting Document for Referrals
    The Referral Dashboard is not just a dashboard system, it is a full management system that allows users to document everything about the referral in one spot. It provides the ability to view and attach Centricity chart note and attachment without actually being in the patients chart.

  4. Who’s done what?
    Everything that is done to the referral in the Referral Dashboard is fully documented, so you know who’s adding items, modifying the referral, changing statuses and more… A fully documented audit trail!

  5. Print and Fax Save money printing out and faxing…
    The Referral Dashboard allows users to print to a printer, fax printer or portal printer… and not only that, it combines the referral that is generated along with its attached supporting documents into ONE file!!!

  6. Where’s the Results?
     Just like adding chart notes, the Referral Dashboard allows you to add Results as well. This allows providers and users to see everything all in one location without having to find a needle in a haystack in the documents of the patients chart.

Referral Dashboard Features

Below are all the features the Result Dashboard has to offer:

  • Create Referrals or Import from Centricity
  • Manage and Track Referrals
  • Set Expiration Dates on Referrals
  • Set STAT Referrals to display STAT across the Referral Document
  • Internal bi-directional link to Imported Referrals
  • Color Coding Status System
  • Individual and Referral Team Performance Monitoring
  • Directions for the patients to the Refer to Location
  • Attach Chart Documents, Attachments, Medication List, Problem Lists
  • Send Referrals via Fax Printer or Secure Email Printer
  • 100% Historical tracking of the Referral from Beginning to Completion
  • Create Phone Notes and Save to CPS Chart
  • Add Problems and Save to CPS Chart
  • Overlay Referral Documents
  • Reporting System to Allow you to Track Production and More
  • Get create for Meaningful Use, Stage 2, Transition of Care

Bring your Referrals into View

Easily track your Referrals and manage all related documents in one place!